dallas du

So remember the picture I posted after my DQ in Barbados?:

I managed to rectify that picture at my next race, in Dallas, TX. (Photo credit: Sugar & Spice Photography):

The moment wasn't quite what I had hoped, because the swim was cancelled due to a sewage leak. But! I'm certainly not complaining about my first ITU podium (except perhaps about the fake champagne, and the way it burns the eyes...).

In the duathlon format, we started with a little 5k juant:

Then rolled around on bikes for awhile:

And finished it off with a 2.5k sprint(ish):

I made a pretty significant error in this race (ER!) but held on for the podium spot (yay!) and was rewarded (and re-hydrated) with a little trip to the doping control station for my first-ever drug test.
Through all of this, I was cheered enthusiastically on my my wonderful parents. I had the pleasure of doing the same for them when they raced the next day!

Moral of this story is that every race brings lessons and things to improve upon--even when you make the podium.

As always, thanks to my coach, Zane Castro; Tri360; my parents; and all my other "gritty" supporters!