After an uneventful flight from Cap Hatien, Mom and I are back in Port-au-Prince. We are readjusting to the fact that water comes out of the tap every time we turn it on and are enjoying sampling the various ice cream flavors that Jean-Claude brings home for us.

Over the last few days, we have noticed a significant weather change--we are a little chilly sometimes. To us, it feels good, but some Haitans complain of it being cold. However, when I find myself reaching for a long-sleeved shirt, I can't help but think of the shock that is coming for me in a week! If Haiti's 72-degree lows make me wish I had a sweatshirt, Illinois' 24-degree highs will surely send me into hibernation?!

Even more shocking than the weather change might be diving head-first into the height of the American holiday season! I was shocked yesterday when I realized that Christmas is so close. Here, there is a dusting of holiday anticipation, but I know that it is nothing to the blizzard (both literal and figurative) that I know from experience will hit me when I arrive home.

But while the blessings and stresses of the transition home are still a few days ahead of me, Mom and I have another transistion right here--from cholera in Limbe to calebasse in Petionville. Due to the unexpected 3-week stay in Limbe, the calebasse project will have to be condensed. Mom plans to spend two days teaching calebasse art to students in a primary school. I plan to take lots of pictures and tell you about it. :)

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