anpil blan

Things at the clinic slowed down a bit over the weekend and the beginning of this week. We weren't sure if this meant that there were actually less sick people, or if people were more cautious to go out because of the elections.

We continue to get into a more organized system. Now, a bunch of new foreign volunteers came in, so our numbers are up from 4 to 12 (foreigners, in addition to the Haitian staff)! Mom and I were wondering if this was our cue to leave. Yesterday there were anpil blan (a lot of white people) at the clinic! I came home to take a break and do some writing because I didn't feel needed.

I knew that the extra help and slowing stream of patients was a good thing, but I was a little sad about leaving here. I have enjoyed staying busy and feeling useful. But now it sounds like we will be here a while, anyways, because...

Mom and I spent the morning making a volunteer staff schedule! Now that we have more people, we have the luxury of a shift schedule. We will split our time and even start doing some nights. So I haven't actually worked at the clinic this morning, but somehow I still feel exhausted--coordinating is tiring too, I guess!

So now I'm off for a nap before I go to work.

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