mcc salt orientation article

Here is the link to an article that was written about the MCC SALT orientation that I attended in Akron prior to leaving for Viet Nam:

Bridge Building between Cultures Begins at MCC Orientation

It isn't about me at all, but might give you a better understanding about the SALT program and what it's all about.

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  1. Hi Calah,
    We saw your mom and poppy at Top Hand Cowboy Church this morning and they passed your blog site to us. Now we are blog pals.!!
    Patrick knows what it is to experience culture shock and hope you are transitioning well. Your pics are great and we will continue to follow you and hope to hear good things from your parents.
    They are excited about going to Grand Canyon in the next couple of weeks with a group from Az. and it sounds exhausting but exhilarating at the same time.
    They seem to us as new friends to be so special: your mom going on and on about everything and your poppy standing and smiling like a "cheshire cat".
    They are kool. We hope to get to know them better and will continue to hold you up in prayer as your life unfolds in Vietnam.
    You may think your tallness is a defecit but could it be it will open doors for you to speak with authority to a people you will come to love.
    Patrick played basketball in HS and knows the importance of height. We think you are beautiful and love your smile and your constitution to take on such a calling.!!!
    The Lord bless and keep you.!! May his face shine upon you. We will watch as he does.
    Kim Schwieters &
    Patrick Wachsmann
    (remember us from Target.??)