xin chao, hanoi!

Well, I made it!

Alicia and I just arrived in Hanoi after 30 hours of travelling, tired and with swollen ankles, but happy. It is kind of surreal to actually be here after having thought about this day for so long.

Our long flight (from LA to TaiPai) was on one of those double decker planes! (I was really excited about this).

Now we are at Derek (the MCC Viet Nam program director and our boss) and his wife, Ana's house in Hanoi. We will be living with them, touring Hanoi and doing another orientation for a couple weeks before we move in with our host families.

view of Hanoi from the plane window
our excited "we are in viet nam!" faces


  1. did you know there's a crazy math problem (slash theory) about the towers of hanoi?

    The culture!!

  2. I am so excited for you! I hope your first weeks are too overwhelming! What the best thing you have done so far?