...get it, please!

Given my absurd ineptitude regarding technology combined with my year-long concern that my laptop will die if I download anything else, I have been putting off downloading skype all summer. But tonight I succeeded in dragging myself through the process and in doing so discovered that...it's really not that difficult. In fact I would recommend that you all do it as well.

Of course, this recommendation is quite selfish on my part considering that this will be my only mode of speaking with any of you for the next year! Those of you who anticipate the luxury of cell phones throughout the coming year, downloading skype is probably not a pressing concern, but just think of it as your good deed for the..year.

So, once you have visited www.skype.com, please add me, calah.schlabach. Or let me know if you already have it. I would love to talk with you.

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