booster campaign

As those of you who follow triathlon news probably know, there were some last minute changes to the pro race fields this spring that put a wrench in the prospect of making ends meet as a pro triathlete this year--especially as a new pro.
What with the lack of non-draft Olympic races, I decided to just take the dive into racing mostly ITU this year, but it's going to be a little tough as I had counted on some domestic non-draft racing prize money to take the edge off.
All that being said, I could use a little boost (haha, pun intended) to be able to race as much as I need to (or at all) this season to gain experience in ITU racing.
Please consider supporting me by buying a t-shirt from my booster campaign. You can read more about the meaning behind the shirt on the campaign website, here
If you want to support me but don't want another shirt, you can also contribute to me directly via PayPal @ calah.schlabach.tri@gmail.com or email me for mailing info.
Thanks SO MUCH to those who have already purchased shirts and/or committed to selling extra shirts! And thanks to everyone who has supported me, whether financially or otherwise--thank you for helping to make me the person and athlete I am today.