change of plans

As a result of an urgent phone call this morning, Mom and I are catching an early plane to Cap Haitian tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Our eventual destination is Limbe, where we will be helping in a clinic that is swamped with cholera patients. They have been receiving 40-60 patients a day in a clinic that is not even set up with hospital beds.

I have been in Limbe before, when I was 2 years old. I thought it would be cool to visit there again, but this isn't exactly the kind of visit I was expecting.

To answer the question I'm sure you are asking, you're right: I don't know anything about medical work. Mom used to be a nurse and even practiced a bit in Haiti. For me, however, this is going to be a shocker. I don't have any experience with sick (and dying) people. Prayers are appreciated.

I have no idea how much you will be hearing from me over the next couple weeks. But don't worry--I plan to wash my hands at every opportunity. :)

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  1. good luck calah and julie! i'll be praying for you!