interval training.

Yesterday I discovered the best interval workout ever.

It is ideally run in 100+ degree heat when the athlete has not run more than 8 miles a week for the past 6 months.

Preparation: Don bathing suit and a liberal coat of sunscreen.

Fuel: Start with a large pancake breakfast at one of the best bakeries in Viet Nam. If the bakery also happens to be a charity for deaf young people, you can feel great about the expensive nature of the breakfast.

Venue: South China Beach--one of the best in the world.

Warm-up: Jog into the water, screaming. Splash around with friends for as long as desired.

Workout: Run as fast as you can/want along the waterline until you can't or don't want to any more. Dive into the crystal clear ocean. Splash around until you catch your breath or want to start running again. (You will find that this rest will be shorter than you anticipate because you won't be able to wait to start running again!) Repeat as many times as desired. Watches and splits forbidden.

Competition: Friends lounging on beach chairs. In other words, you are guaranteed to win.

Cool-down: Float around in the ocean. Sprint across the blistering sand and collapse into your shaded beach chair.

Re-fuel: Coke and sesame rice cakes. Read and nap.

Possible aftereffects: Sunburn and body ache.

Pure joy.

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