On Saturday, I went on a random roadtrip with some friends. Ali, Joel, and I (well, not really me--I let them do the "planning") picked a random location a couple hours outside of Hanoi. Then I invited a new friend, and the four of us drove there. First we went to a lake, which turned out to be fairly boring, then headed up a mountain. It was nice to not have any particular agenda; we took breaks whenever we wanted and for as long as we felt like.
After eating at the top of the mountain, we explored a little and had a photo-shoot on the porch of a deserted building, incorporating an old chair.

Then we headed home! Highlight of the trip home: my first motorbike driving lesson! I gave the villagers who lived on a quiet street at the foot of the mountain free evening entertainment...
I got home to find--as after any long motorbike trip--my face caked with dirt. Oh, so worth it...

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