sometimes insomnia is a great way to start to the day.

I slept terribly last night. I had a pretty rough week last week (for multiple reasons, nothing terrible, don't worry!) and now I have all these thoughts and emotions and this random excess energy roiling around inside, and for someone prone to insomnia that usually gives you...insomnia.

So, if you've ever had trouble sleeping, you know that, at some point, you just have to stop trying. That point came for me at 5:45 am, after 45 minutes of tossing and an hour of reading Annie Dillard before that.

So, now I was up, what to do with myself?

Making surprisingly quick and intelligent decisions considering the time and my lack of rest, I got ready in about 15 minutes, had a brief conversation with Ba, and left the house on my bicycle.

As I rode toward Ho Hoan Kiem (the lake close to The Gioi Publishers) I made an astounding discovery:

I like Ha Noi so much better before 8 am.

First of all, traffic was amazing. Second of all, I just had a great time. I wandered around the Old Quarter, found a pho shop, and had breakfast. Then I walked briskly around the lake a few times, entertained all the while by the people out in hoards exercising. I mailed some post cards. Sat on a bench by the water. Then I went to work.

It was a great morning. One I wouldn't mind repeating. I know myself too well to expect this to be a regular occurance, considering that I've never been a morning person, but hey, you never know. Props to spontaneity, anyways.


  1. is Ba always up that early? What's pho?
    coincidentally, that sounds like the beginning of my dream day... i love being outside early in the morning. It smells good.

  2. Calah this does not compute- you get up at 5:45 after trying to sleep for 1.45 hours...why are you going to bed at 4am! : ) sweet morning though- it was like 4 degrees in Chicago a few days ago : )

  3. You couldv'e called... although, it probably wouldv'e been more dificult to get ice cream/ milk shakes, considering my commute. Ah well, glad the morning ended well.