wandering around west lake

On Monday, I was under the doctor's orders to stay home and "rest." As I have mentioned before, I have been going crazy with boredom, so I decided to do some boredom prevention and go for a walk to Hồ Tây (West Lake), which is quite close to my home. I often walk there--both out of sheer boredom and because I love walks--which has given my Vietnamese family the impression that I exercise soooo much. It is not really a long walk by my standards...by Vietnamese standards, however--pretty much a walking marathon.

Anyway, I took some pictures of this--probably one of the most beautiful areas of Hanoi. (And added comments) Enjoy!

West Lake: Compensation for riding my bike at least a half hour to get everywhere I ever need to go.

The ice cream shop on the road between the lakes.

My favorite road in Hanoi. Probably because it is home to....

My favorite restaurant in Hanoi!!! Foodshop 45, home of amazing Indian food for a very reasonable price. And they deliver (for free!). Although I usually prefer to get out of the house and sit on the cool cushions on the floor...

View from the coffee shop where I enjoyed a yogurt coffee.

The big road by my house.

Where I turn to go to my house.

This picture is by request--Sorry for those of you who did not request it and are now scarred for life. This is my ankle and foot at the time when my dengue fever rash was at its height. Notice how well it blends into my pinky-orange bedspread.

So, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life! You are probably not nearly as tired after looking at the pictures as I was after my walk! I guess that's what lying in bed for a week will do to your legs!

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